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    This Desi Version Of "Dumb Ways To Die" Is As Cute As It Is Depressing

    And it's as annoyingly catchy as the original.

    In Nov. 2012, Melbourne Metro released a musical PSA titled "Dumb Ways to Die" about, well, the dumb ways that people die.

    DumbWays2Die / Via

    The super adorable, and equally morbid, song has over 100 million(!) views on YouTube.

    Bangalore-based design studio Morph Digital Solutions has now created an Indian version of the video.

    Morph Digital Solutions / Via

    The 2:30 minute song is a hard look at Indian society, in which countless people die every day for no fault of their own.

    Morph Digital Solutions / Via

    From flash floods to terrorist attacks.

    Morph Digital Solutions / Via

    From gas tragedies to communal riots.

    Morph Digital Solutions / Via

    Pretty much everything under the sun, really.

    Morph Digital Solutions / Via

    Heck, as they point out - via their confusingly adorable animations - if you're female, you barely need to be alive to die here.

    Morph Digital Solutions / Via

    Seriously, it gets dark.

    Watch this cute, messed up and completely on point video here.

    View this video on YouTube / Via

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