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    A Plea To Make The National Anthem Mandatory In Courts Has Been Rejected And Twitter Can't Even

    The decision comes just two days after the Supreme Court made playing and standing for the anthem compulsory in all movie halls.

    Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that the National Anthem must be played at all movie theatres across India.

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    The court also declared that people had to mandatorily stand up in respect, noting that "this wallowing, individually perceived notion of freedom must go".

    The decision was mocked and met with widespread disapproval across the board.

    There should be a national anthem file attached in all movie torrents: SC

    This morning, just two days after the controversial ruling, the Supreme Court rejected a petition seeking that the anthem be played before all court proceedings, stating that its order on movie halls should not be stretched.

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    The hypocrisy of the court has not gone unnoticed, and people have been expressing their anger over it.

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    And, of course, the double standards have already been jeered at plenty.

    You know you've messed up when even Ram Gopal Varma's arguments against you make sense.

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