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17 Numbers About India That Sound Fake But Are Completely Factual

True story.

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$600 billion: The gold standard

Narinder Nanu / AFP / Getty Images

In a 2014 NPR report, it was estimated that families in India own somewhere between $600-$800 billion worth of gold, mostly in women's jewellery.

£12 billion: Band Billion Baaraat

Ritam Banerjee / Getty Images

Though this might not be true for every family, a Business Insider report stated that the average Indian couple will spend 20% of all the money they'll ever make on that one single event.

46 million: Gunning for the top

Prakash Singh / AFP / Getty Images

While India's 46 million civilian firearms are second only to America (310 million) in absolute terms, we're way lower on the list in terms of average guns per 100 citizens.


25.6 billion: The ultimate playlist


With over 25 billion total video views (thanks to their extensive library of Bollywood hits), T-Series beats its closest rivals like PewDiePie and Justin Bieber by colossal margins.

45%: An unenterprising bunch

Plotted in Excel from data extracted from Caroline Freund and Sarah Oliver, The Origins of the Superrich: The Billionaire Characteristics Database (2016).

As opposed to these guys, 34% of India's billionaires have actually started their companies from scratch.

4.031 inches: An unimpressive average

Behrouz Mehri / AFP / Getty Images

With an average size of just above 4 inches (fully erect), India doesn't even break the top 100. For comparison, Congo has the biggest penises in the world, with an average size of 7.1 inches.

54%: India's environmental crisis quantified

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

According to a WHO study of particulate matter released earlier this year, India is home to more than half of the top 35 cities on the list, including three out of the top six.


18.4 million: Slaving away

Walk Free Foundation

"Modern slavery" is a term that includes forced marriage, forced prostitution, child labour, and other human rights violations. India is, by far, the biggest offender.


120 million: A pilgrimage for the ages

Punit Paranjpe / AFP / Getty Images

The 2013 Kumbh Mela in Allahabad had more pilgrims in attendance than the population of every country in the world, barring the top 11.