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11 Virender Sehwag Tweets About The Olympics That Should Win A Fucking Medal

Give the man all the medals.

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Ever since his retirement, Virender Sehwag has dedicated himself to becoming Indian Twitter's leading dad-joke maker.

Happy Birthday @msdhoni . May you keep doing Anhoni ko Honi. #NationalHelicopterDay

From his super lame and ironically hilarious birthday wishes, to his many self-deprecating tweets, the man has undisputedly earned the crown.

1. But Sehwag has truly upped his Twitter game when it comes to the Olympics, cheering on every Indian team and athlete since it began.

Great start for #TeamIndia in #Hockey Got close in the end but hope that in all matches we get an opportunity to say apna India #JeetRioHai

2. He's been trying to raise awareness and rile up support for them before their events...

In few minutes frm now,watch a phenomena called Lalita Babar give her heart out.Her story is d stuff dreams r made of.History will b created

3. And he's been there for them even when they couldn't go all the way.

Thode Se reh gaye @Abhinav_Bindra bt efforts like urs unite&help us realise pwr of sports,Not won medal bt won billion hearts,U r a CHAMPION

4. Every time a medal-contender lost, he was there to pick them up.

Thank u #DipaKarmakar fr getting us united at midnight cheering fr Gymnastics,in a country with no infrastructure for this sport.Super Proud

5. And he was there to remind everyone that winning isn't all that matters.

Fokat me haar gayin Phogat #VineshPhogat .But Karodon Dil Jeet liye. She is truly a champion,fought like a tigress',we should be very proud

6. But when Sakshi Malik won her bronze medal, he celebrated her victory like his own.

Poora Bharat is baat ka Sakshi hai,jab koi bht mushkil ho toh is desh ki ladkiyan hi Malik hain.Thank U #SakshiMalik

7. But, for all his niceness, he still managed to savagely sass Shobhaa De for mocking our athletes.

8. He isn't just all talk, though. Sehwag has been using his influence to get our sports stars the recognition they deserve.

Reqst to Hon'ble @narendramodi ji & @sureshprabhu ji 2consider d following in honour of #DipaKarmakar & #LalitaBabar

9. Having said all that, it's not like his dad jokes have stopped...

Happy Birthday #DipaKarmakar Aise ki Karma Kar.Keep flying high. @msdhoni is Helicopter,you are Jumbo Jet #UdtaTeer

10. Because they haven't...

Congrats,but this is not fair Bolt Ji,you should be in F1 race without a Car & I think u will still win with ur feet

11. Not. At. All.

Michael Phelps only man likely to beat Bappi Lahiri. #GoldKiBarsaat