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Here's What The Two Women Behind India's Most Viral Tweet Have To Say About The Controversial Post

"To be honest, I was a little hurt that she stole it without even knowing my feelings behind it." – Shubhangi Premchandani, original author of the tweet.

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Screenshots of the tweet were used by other accounts to gather tens of thousands of retweets of their own.


What a lot of people seemed to be unaware of was the fact that Datta's tweet was an exact copy of a post uploaded by microtale account The Scribbled Stories earlier that day.

Datta was subsequently called out for the theft by many users.

However, the most fascinating part of this story is that it all unfolded without the original author of the microtale even being aware of all the drama she had unleashed.

Meet Twitter non-user Shubhangi Premchandani – a student of Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi, and the person who actually wrote the post.

Shubhangi Premchandani

Premchandani is completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, and will soon become a certified doctor herself.

"I had no idea about this girl stealing my microtale. A cousin of mine brought my attention to it. I was happy at first as I saw people liking it, but yes, I was feeling very helpless as well," Premchandani told BuzzFeed.

Twitter: @candinam

"To be honest, I was a little hurt that she stole it without even knowing my feelings behind it," she added.


While explaining what inspired the post, Premchandani said, "The classification for Indian women has always been on the basis of miss and missus. I believe that there are ways to look at people beyond their marital status."

Shubhangi Premchandani

"Pursuing dentistry myself, I've always thought of having my primary identity as 'Dr.' with everything else being secondary. I just wanted to present my belief to people," Premchandani added.

"To be honest, this did happen to me. I am getting a doctorate. I had a boyfriend who would say I am not woman enough because I couldn't do household chores," Datta told BuzzFeed.

Namrata Datta

"And he did call me three days ago. He wanted to know if I finally settled down. I said his definition of settling down and mine were entirely different. I also gave him the finger virtually," she added.