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    EVERYONE'S Making The Same Joke About Kangana Ranaut And Dr. Batra

    What have you done, Hrithik?

    In case you've missed all the shit that went down between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut over the past couple of days, here's the TL;DR – SHIT. WENT. DOWN.

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    Actual TL;DR – The two have entered into a very public legal feud after the end of an alleged romantic relationship.

    One of Roshan's allegations against Ranaut states that she stalked him online and sent him a total of 1,439 emails.

    And this allegation being made public has had one particular fallout that no one saw coming...

    Kangana Ranaut sent Hrithik 1400+ emails. She's female version of Dr. Batra


    Kangana Ranaut sent 1,439 emails to Hrithik Roshan. Dr Batra may recruit her for sending his emails.

    IS MAKING...

    Dr. Batra should take coaching from Kangana on 'How to send mass mails'.


    Kangana Ranaut sent 1439 Mails to Hritik ,,, Dr. Batra havning tough competition with Kangana

    Seriously, though.

    So if you were wondering what forward your family Whatsapp group is going to be buzzing with soon, wonder no more.

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