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Twitter Users Recounted Sweet, Hilarious And Bizarre Anecdotes About The Indian Police

"A friend paid a bribe in Bangalore in Sodexo coupons."

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On March 10, Twitter user @Sidin asked people to recount their favourite anecdotes about dealing with the Indian police.

What is ur top police anecdote? Once saw cop slap bike driver & third passenger, but not guy in the middle bcos he hadn't broken any laws.

1. And they responded with some pretty bizarre stories:

@sidin Cop stopped me because the car had MP registration. Said aap Bhopal se hain? We spoke about Bhopal for a bit and then I went my way.


@sidin Caught once for overspeeding after a movie.Cop didnt believe us and made us tell the whole story of the movie and let us go scot free



@sidin Cop flags my bike down, hops on and says, "chase that truck". Thus living the dream of every schoolboy - to be in a cop chase


@sidin cop hitched ride on bullet once, offered to let him drive, says ‘Bullet aur biwi paraye admi ke haath kabhi nahi deneka’


@sidin cop found out I'm a software professional and took my help to print me a ticket on his brand new BlackBerry. He thanked me too


@sidin work colleague and i caught by a cop without license . Made believe we were MBA students and no money. Bribed cigarette and left ;-)


7. There were some useful life hacks:

@sidin a cop gave me helpful tip on how to not get caught by keeping the bike clean, cos new looking bikes usually have all required docs!


@sidin friend paying bribe in Bangalore in sodexho coupons

9. Some anecdotes didn't make the men in uniform look too good:

@sidin one stopped @Vikashgupta12 for a breathalyzer test in Bangalore. Turned out negative. Vikash said 'i don't drink.' Cop: 'Why not?'


@sidin was asked my surname & told can't challan a Brahmin.when I insisted I should be punished he said Brahmin consolidation needed! Errr



@sidin Got caught by cop for driving in the wrong lane. He took one look at my license & said 'Xtians don't break rules, why did you do it?'

12. Others showed them in much better light:

@sidin a police constable saved me from committing suicide. Said make your life useful for others.


@sidin stopped my bike to check papers (all were in order). When realised I'm a journalist, gave me tip for a great story. Still in touch!


@sidin Old man let him go with a warning and gave him a 100 Rs note saying no kid should have an empty wallet on a Diwali evening.

15. And then there were stories that you just didn't know what to make of:

@sidin Took Rs.100 bribe from friend for not using helmet, returned Rs.50 as we needed to buy bus tickets after parking bike.


@sidin was travelling without helmet on a bike carrying a guitar. Had no money for fine/bribe. The guy asked us to play 2 songs instead.