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    Indian Redditors Confessed The Most Middle Class Things They Do, And You've Probably Done Them All

    "The most 'middle-class' thing is for the upper class to refer to themselves as 'middle-class'."

    Earlier this week, Redditor dcfrenchstudent asked r/India a question that was relevant to a majority of internet users in India.

    As someone who considers himself fairly middle class, the responses were more than a little relatable for me:

    Some users talked about saving junk for later reuse.

    Some talked about their ordering habits while dining out.

    Personal anecdotes were shared.

    There was talk of a preventive measure we've all taken...

    Which led to the appearance of this middle class lifesaver on the thread.

    Dozens of users confessed to being extra stingy around home.

    This, I still do tbh.

    Also, this.

    Aaaaand this.

    Of course, before you get too carried away with the thought that you're not in the privileged class, you should probably know that one of the most upvoted comments was this very relevant fact.

    You can read the entire thread here.

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