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The Internet Has Fallen Hard For This Woman Who Fell Asleep In The Stadium During India's Match

It's not easy to steal the spotlight from Kohli and Dhoni, but "sleeping girl" has done it.

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India is currently playing New Zealand in New Delhi in the second match of their bilateral ODI series.

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While the first innings was a pretty tense affair, one viewer in the stadium clearly didn't think so.

Despite the intense contest on the field, the woman remained fast asleep until her friend saw them on camera and woke her up...

And once she realised that she had been broadcast live to millions of people, the embarrassment hit her hard.

While she was only on screen for less than a minute, she became all that people could talk about during the match.

Even the commentators couldn't help but get in on it.

And pretty soon, she was everywhere.

That sleeping girl just became a viral meme material in the match. Got her own waking up replay! #indvsnz

Woh ladki kaun hai yaar ? Who was sleeping in Spectators stand ? caught in the camera 📷 while coveraging ..😍😍😍 #INDvsNZ

Of course, people also wanted to give props to the cameraman for making the woman an instant celebrity.

Camerman is a celebrity-maker. The Sleeping girl is an instant celebrity now. Love seeing these things on TV. #indvsnz @bcci @BLACKCAPS

Man of the match today is gonna be the camera men for waking up that sleeping beauty #indvsnz #mysteriousgirl #cricket

But it was mostly all about her epic nap.

Welcome to the viral internet, sleeping girl.