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    Posted on 3 Jun 2016

    Lilly "Superwoman" Singh Shut Shit Down On A YouTube Troll With One Epic Comment


    On June 3, YouTube megastar IISuperwomanII uploaded a video titled "What School Actually Taught Me" in which she talks about the all the things she learnt aside from academics.

    IISuperwomanII / Via

    Even though most of the reactions were positive, one wiseass decided to troll her with a sexist comment.

    "You don't use what you learned in school because that women's studies degree is useless," the troll wrote.

    But being the Superwoman that she is, Singh got back to him with a savage comment of her own.

    Twitter: @IISuperwomanII

    She replied, "I actually have a psychology degree which is why I'm able to identify that self-esteem issues can result in sexist comments."

    Singh's upload of the exchange on Twitter got over 1,500 RTs in just a couple of hours, soon after which the troll deleted his comment.

    I might be a vegetarian but that doesn't mean I won't slay... kay, night xo #GirlLove

    And that's how you do it.


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