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    These Are The Hilarious Replies Indians Are Sending To Modi's Foreign Language Tweets

    "Are you butt typing again?"

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is currently on a five-country tour of Central Asia, beginning with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

    Upon arriving in Uzbekistan on Monday, PM Modi tweeted a hello message to the nation in Uzbek.

    On Tuesday, he wished the country goodbye before leaving.

    And in between, he found time to wish the president of Kazakhstan a happy 75th birthday in Kazakh.

    But for all the PM's language wizardry, his Indian followers haven't been completely sure what to make of his recent timeline.

    Not everyone's a linguistic expert, apparently.

    Bing didn't help them at all.

    So a lot of people just decided to assume what they think the PM said.

    Because why not, right?

    Close enough.

    Whether they understood the tweets or not, a lot of people were impressed regardless.

    Seriously impressed.

    Some people slyly hinted at him to focus more on matters back home.

    While others just assumed that's what he was doing all along.

    This one dude really just wanted the PM to focus on the most important matter at hand.

    It's okay, Mr. Prime Minister. You can't impress everyone.

    And this dude spoke for all Indians when anyone we know goes abroad.

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