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If You're Tired Of The Indian Censor Board, There's Finally A Way You Can Help Change Things


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Indian film lovers have had a tough go of things at the cinemas in recent times, and the Censor Board has come under fire for being too strict with their edits.

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Among the films to be affected recently are Deadpool, in which a number of punchlines were muted due to the presence of expletives, and Spectre, which had an entire kissing scene edited out.

Seeing the mounting frustration and outrage, a committee has been set up to recommend changes to revamp the existing board, and they have asked the public for their suggestions.

The site contains an email template that lists out a bunch of suggestions that users can send to the committee.

Some of the changes suggested including the removal of government appointees to the board, the removal of dual ratings for screening films in cinemas and on television, and using symbols instead of words to display public health warnings.