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    Tamil Nadu's Two Biggest Political Parties Used The Same Woman In Their Campaign Ads

    Basically, everyone sucks.

    The Tamil Nadu assembly elections are coming up soon, and ruling party AIADMK put out an ad featuring this old woman.

    It has the woman lauding Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for providing her food when no one else would.

    Around the same time, their biggest political rivals, the DMK, also released an ad with an old woman.

    This ad had the woman berating the chief minister for being ignorant of the issues being faced by the public.

    Only one problem – THEY BOTH USED THE SAME OLD WOMAN.

    Meet G.T. Kasthuri, a junior artiste who unknowingly got cast in both campaign videos.

    Apparently, Kasthuri earned ₹1,500 from the AIADMK ad and ₹1,000 from the DMK ad. She claims that she had no idea the second ad was for the DMK.

    Naaah. According to a Deccan Chronicle report, it turns out that both parties hired the same agent to book actors for their ads, and he got the same woman to star in both.

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