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    Posted on 28 Sep 2015

    13 Weirdly Random Things Indians Have Uploaded To Porn Sites

    You had one job.

    1. The first half of the Varun Dhawan classic Main Tera Hero (but, oddly enough, not the second.)

    2. A song from the 2008 Ajay Devgan starrer Sunday.

    3. And this song from his 1998 blockbuster Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha.

    4. The Indian porn scene is basically 97% just Ajay Devgan's greatest hits, apparently.

    5. Anything Rajinikanth does is basically porn to his fans. Exhibit A: An Xvideos user uploading this song from his 2010 box office smash Robot.

    6. Shahid Kapoor's dance moves were literally sex to this user.

    7. This upload that gives a whole new meaning to the term "word porn".

    8. A lot of people who saw Raavan said the film jerked them off. This user took it seriously.

    9. This XNXX upload probably got more views than any of Jimmy Shergill's actual movies.

    10. This user wanted to add a beloved '80s pop soundtrack to everyone else's porn-watching experience.

    11. And this user decided to add some comic relief.

    12. Speaking of comic relief, this one user uploaded the infamous "Chamatkaar" speech from Aamir Khan's 3 Idiots.

    13. And this user liked the idea so much, he uploaded the same video again... with better resolution.

    Good job, team.

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