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    13 Celebrities Who Didn't Know They Were Endorsing Stuff In India

    Finally, we know about Zayn Malik's secret side gig.

    1. Jensen Ackles, who has a secret to hide, apparently.

    Slow Robot / Via

    2. John Terry, who went from being the face of a football club in England to being the face of fatal lung disease in India.

    Findlay Kember / Getty Images

    3. Zayn Malik's been doing anything he can to earn a little extra cash on the side, evidently.

    Sahil Rizwan

    This is why you never leave a steady gig, Z.

    4. What barbershop wouldn't want Keith Urban's amazing hair to bless their establishment, honestly?

    5. Speaking of Keith Urban, here he is forming one of history's most unlikely endorsement tag teams with tennis legend Ivan Lendl.

    6. Leighton Meester's smile sells everything from movies in Hollywood to dental checkups in Bengaluru.

    Sahil Rizwan

    (Leighton Meester sells a lot of stuff in India, actually.)

    7. Here's Hillary Duff with Josh Holloway, gracing a local salon with their long blonde tresses.

    Sahil Rizwan

    8. And here's solo Hillary Duff on a surge protector for no reason.

    9. David Beckham's been known to sign a lot of endorsement deals, including the Bharat Hair Cutting shop in Mussoorie.

    10. Even this guy's been used to sell things here. *smh*

    Strdel / Getty Images

    11. If you want your meat soft and tender, who better than WWE's Big Show to beat it into shape, right?

    12. Here's John Cena about to deliver an FU to an unsuspecting goat.

    13. Turns out, the entire WWE roster endorses the food at this restaurant.

    Let's just hope these guys aren't too fussy about undelivered royalty cheques.

    20th Century Fox Television / Via

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