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19 Of The Most Hilarious Indian Vines Of All Time

Six seconds of silence for Vine.

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Last night, Twitter announced that it was preparing to shut down Vine, following its debut in 2013.

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While the app may be dead, here are some of the most hilarious Indian Vines you can loop in memoriam:

1. If Lata Didi and Asha Tai sang the The Good, The Bad And The Ugly song.

2. Wiggle: Indian family edition.

3. Every time you call Domino's.

4. When you're at a wedding and the camera turns to you while you're eating.

5. Desi AC.

6. How Indian moms round time.

7. If the Taken movies took place in India.

8. Making Beyoncé's parts in "Hymn For The Weekend" 10000x better.

9. When mom finally hears you.

10. Indian Spider-Man.

11. When your dad enters the room and just stares.

12. Indian dadis on regular days vs. during weddings.

13. At the doctor with mom.

14. Giddha make her dance.

15. How Sunny Deol insults your mom.

16. Just the English bits from "Aaja Shaam Hone Aayi".

17. Phone sex in a Sooraj Barjatiya movie.

18. Never stand too close to the screen when watching Kabaddi.

19. And, of course, all of José Covaco's Misheard Lyrics.