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    10 Brilliant Essays And Stories From The Indian Internet This Week That You Should Read Now

    From a hilarious first-person account of Bobby Deol's shambolic DJ debut to a fascinating look inside the world of a Bollywood paparazzo, this list has you covered.

    1. Ravina Rawal's painfully funny review of Bobby Deol's disastrous DJ gig at a Delhi club.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    Rawal describes, in hilarious detail, everything that went wrong on the fateful night in "Bobby Deol Is Now A DJ: It's Worse Than His Acting" for DailyO.

    2. Uday Bhatia's breakdown of Bollywood's best cameos.

    Excel Entertainment

    Bhatia lists out "The 40 Most Memorable Hindi Film Cameos" for Mint Lounge, including Bertrand Russell, everyone in Luck By Chance, and... a goat?

    3. Krupa Gohil on her frustrations with J.K. Rowling after reading Harry Potter And The Cursed Child.

    Warner Bros.

    Gohil calls out Rowling for pandering to non-white audiences instead of representing them fairly with "'What The Hell Is A Panju?' And Other Questions I, A Brown Potterhead, Have For J.K. Rowling" for BuzzFeed.

    4. Sayoni Sinha's enthralling look inside the world of India's paparazzi.

    Hindustan Times / Getty Images

    Sinha spends time with one of Bollywood's first paparazzi photographers for the fascinating piece "Shooting Stars" in The Caravan .

    5. Nandini Krishnan's heart-rending account of her experiences with the very misogynistic Indian theatre scene.

    Manjunath Kiran / AFP / Getty Images

    "Inside The Culture Of Abuse In Indian Theatre" in The Ladies Finger gives you a painful look at an industry mired with everyday sexism that no one is calling out.

    6. This satirical open letter from a very spoilt Indian cow.

    Saachi Mehta/ Arré

    Sonakshi from Arré launches Operation Gauxit in "Gone Gai", an impassioned plea from a cow who just can't deal with the special treatment it gets in India.

    7. The Huffington Post's massive and extremely candid interview with Alia Bhatt.

    Strdel / AFP / Getty Images

    Ankur Pathak sits with the 23-year-old superstar for an extremely candid and entertaining talk in "The Alia Bhatt Interview".

    8. Agents of Ishq lists out everything you wanted to know about Indian men and their penises.

    Twitter: @AgentsofIshq

    The results of "The Great Indian Penis Survey" make for an entertaining read even if you didn't wanna know anything about the subject.

    9. Meghna Pant's introspective essay on classism, in the wake of a flight attendant's viral racist post against Indian travellers.

    Getty Images

    Pant asks "The Difficult Question About Racism Against Indians: Is It Our Own Classism Shown Back To Us?" for an uncomfortable and hard-hitting essay on BuzzFeed.

    10. And Isha Purkayastha's super relatable essay on intimacy and loneliness in a world taken over by technology.

    Lionel Bonaventure / AFP / Getty Images

    "Paying For Cuddles: Loneliness In The Age Of Instant Gratification" in The Quint takes a hard look at how apps that are supposed to ease communication have ironically made us lonelier.

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