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    3 May 2017

    The Bengaluru Police Hid A Popular "Game Of Thrones" Fan Theory In A Poster About Road Safety


    A couple of years ago, the Bengaluru City Police embraced the internet, and burst on to the scene using popular meme formats to issue safety tips.

    Stop the stunts on road... May be end up in fatal, someday...

    Over the years, their memes have been upgraded several levels, moving on from basic rage comics to pop culture references from American TV and movies.

    Don't drink and drive We're pretty sure you've heard You might crash or worse Even if you're a wizard

    "Dank", as they say these days.

    Last night, they tweeted this PSA about wearing helmets, using Jon Snow from Game Of Thrones.

    What Jon knows now... 99% : Nothing 1% : Road Safety #GameOfLife

    Like a lot of their memes, this one too went viral.

    Now, you should know that Game Of Thrones is possibly the one show with the most fan theories and speculation behind its storylines.


    Ever since the first book came out in 1996, fans have devoted hours of discussion to character origins and how the series will end.

    One storyline that has been speculated over a lot revolves around the bastard, Jon Snow, and who his father really is.


    The most popular theory states that his father is Rhaegar Targaryen, which would consequently make Snow the rightful heir to the Iron Throne that everyone has been fighting over this entire time.

    Now, coming back to the Bengaluru Police meme, you might've noticed that they added a sigil to the helmet Jon Snow is wearing.

    However, if you're a die-hard GOT fan, you probably also noticed that the sigil they added belongs to the Targaryens – the same family that all the fan theories have been speculating Snow actually belongs to.

    And once they were asked if they're actually into the conspiracy theory, and if the very niche easter egg in their poster wasn't a mistake, they had this to say:

    @PoliticianOfcl @CPBlr @AddlCPTraffic @AddlCPEast @AddlCPWest @DCPTrEastBCP @DCPTrWestBCP @DcptrNorth @HMLokesh Oops, spoiler alert.

    Jon Snow may know nothing, but the Bengaluru Police force certainly does.


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