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Here's How The Internet Reacted To Anupam Kher's Intolerance-Of-Intolerance March

"Anupam Kher WILL NOT TOLERATE anyone calling India intolerant!"

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However, veteran actor Anupam Kher has hit out against this group by deeming their protests "selective outrage".

Nobody has right to call #India an intolerant country: #AnupamKher #MarchForIndia

And the internet hasn't been able to wrap its head around Kher's logic.

Anupam Kher WILL NOT TOLERATE anyone calling India intolerant! 😂


Kher soon became a trending topic, half because of the march, and half because of the jokes being cracked on him.

Anupam Kher is the guy who says "unlimited downloads" and "10GB limit" in the same sentence.

Anupam Kher reacting to the sound of his own logic:


To Anupam Kher, for severely misunderstanding, misusing and misappropriating the word 'tolerance'...

Anupam Kher has officially made Dr Dang look like a pleasant dude.

anupam kher's making cringeworthy statements and the worst thing about him is still his talk show

While the debate on India's intolerance rages on, everyone agrees that Kher's march will be remembered for one reason or another.

Can anyone think of previous instances of marches against rights, and public protests against protests? This is pretty historic.

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