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    19 Products You Might Need If Your Entire Mood Is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Live, laugh, love, and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. This highly-rated pair of active noise-cancelling earphones to block out your surroundings when it all gets to be too much - ₹2,990

    2. This electric foot massager and spa tub that'll give you all the relaxation you need and let you recharge before getting back to your life - ₹2,090

    3. This adult colouring book that'll let you zone out and be creative without using too much brain space - ₹175

    4. These gamechanging blackout and sound-dampening curtains for when you just need to hide from the world for a bit - ₹1,000

    5. And just for good measure, get this super-comfy eye mask that'll ensure no outside influences disturb you – ₹175

    6. This handy door knob sign that'll make everyone you live with take pause before barging in like they always do - ₹229

    7. This Amazon Fire Stick so you can grab a beverage (an adult one, if you want!) and shut yourself in with all your favourite movies and shows - ₹3,999

    8. Or get the 10th Generation Kindle that'll let you get lost in the world's biggest library - ₹7,999

    9. A skull-shaped ice cube tray because adding a macabre touch to your drinks just seems right - ₹425

    10. And this set of two unbreakable silicone glasses for those drinks, so that you can be as carefree as you want with them after you're done chugging - ₹599

    11. If you feel like you should be productive, but don't want to put in too much effort, get this kombucha brewing kit that's easy to get into and will let you have a refreshing drink when you're done - ₹2,500

    12. If you feel like getting out of your funk, writing down your thoughts in a bullet journal has been known to help - ₹349

    13. This squishy net ball is perfect to help you focus and get your blood pumping even if you're lying on your bed - ₹109

    14. This full body pillow so that you can cuddle up without having to deal with an another human being - ₹599

    15. This memory foam gel pillow that stays cool on both sides without the need for constant flipping, so that you stay comfy the whole time you're lazing on your bed - ₹1,099

    16. This mini air humidifier and purifier will create an atmosphere of clean and natural air around your room, making you feel like you're in a park without having to step outside - ₹620

    17. You can also make your own room fresheners with this scented candle making kit - ₹999

    18. This Wi-Fi enabled LED smart bulb with 16 million colour options that you can change according to your mood - ₹820

    19. And this super comfy unisex bathrobe that'll be there for you when you need the perfect lounge attire for a relaxing night in - ₹1,099