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    17 Products To Help Solve That Thing That's Been Bugging You

    We all have that one thing that's always been bugging us.

    1. A pack of Bottle Bright tablets so your favorite travel mug can look brand new again. Just drop in a tablet, let it sit for 15–30 minutes, and rinse - ₹390

    2. A foot file so you can scrape off the dead skin and calluses that keep getting caught on your socks and make your feet soft and smooth again - ₹359

    3. A pair of silicone grips that'll help stop your glasses from sliding down your nose all day. And if you ever feel like your glasses are digging into your temples, these should make them more comfy too - ₹250

    4. A anti-chafing balm to give your skin some relief on sweaty days - ₹399

    5. This pack of 800 extra-pointy cotton swabs here to save the day from any makeup slip-up. Use them to quickly fix eyeliner, lipstick, and eyeshadow mistakes with its precision tip, and you're out the door - ₹279

    6. This natural foot and shoe spray that kills odour-causing bacteria and keeps your best sandals from smelling like death. Hot summer days are approaching fast — now you and your feet can get through them stink-free - ₹179

    7. Divider sticky notes that'll conveniently summarise important chapters of that giant textbook you've been lugging around, while also keeping your notes super organised - ₹1,332

    8. A pack of three motion-sensing LED lights, because you've stubbed your toe on the kitchen table one too many times! These are a cheap way to get helpful lighting in places that need it most around your home. You don't need to get professional installation — just stick them on - ₹1,299

    9. A mini fabric steamer, because you've been skating by with wrinkly clothes hoping no one would notice. But now you want to look fresh. Steaming the wrinkles out is such a small detail but can make a WORLD of difference when it comes to how professional and put-together you look and feel - ₹1,987

    10. A clever dip clip that'll guarantee a mess-free snack session and keep your sauces from touching *everything* on the plate. There are just some days when I don't want my syrup leaking onto my eggs, ok?! - ₹199

    11. This sleek waterproof desk pad that doubles as a mouse pad and a coaster to protect the surface of your desk or table from scratches and coffee cup rings - ₹1,199

    A waterproof desk pad with one side in black and the other side in red. There's a monitor, keyboard, mouse, smartphone, and a cup of coffee on it.

    12. This orthopaedic seat cushion to provide you with tons of extra comfort while you're sitting at your desk all day. It's kinda hard to be productive when you're literally in pain - ₹1,109

    A black orthopaedic seat cushion on a computer chair

    13. A 24-pack of disposable underarm sweat pads you can wear under your clothes to feel fresh throughout the day - ₹235

    14. A stain repellent spray for your pricier handbags, furniture, and clothes that'll create an invisible protective layer and ward off the evils of water and other stains - ₹500

    A shirt with one half coated in stain repellent spray that is much cleaner than the uncoated half

    15. A handy hook so all those multiple trips from the store to your kitchen counter can be a thing of the past - ₹278

    A collage of various people carrying multiple bags using the hook

    16. A pack of 80 sound-dampening bumpers to prevent the loud sounds of slamming doors and banging cabinets when you're in the kitchen for a midnight snack while the family is sleeping. Bumping this up to the top of my shopping cart - ₹230

    17. And a cable sleeve so you can finally manage the tumbleweed of cords taking up space behind your desk or entertainment centre. Out of sight and out of mind, as they say - ₹279

    Before and after images of a bunch of wires jumbled up on their own and neatly organised using the cable sleeve