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    Bored Of Your Room? Here Are 17 Products That Might Bring It Back To Life For You

    It's where you spend most of your time, make sure it's inviting to you.

    1. A set of hanging wooden shelves that will add some dimension to the room and give all the knick knacks you had squished on your dresser some breathing room - ₹899

    2. This 5-metre LED strip that can class up any joint out there - ₹535

    3. This portable projector that can turn any wall in your room into a movie screen - ₹10,990

    4. This set of five Marvel and DC cushion covers that'll reflect your personality if you're the superhero type - ₹310

    5. This sleek adjustable stand for your gadgets that'll inspire you to create more art - ₹1,299

    6. This Polaroid photo printer that can instantly print pictures from your phone for you to decorate your walls with - ₹27,874

    7. This pen that lets you create actual 3D art to display around the room - ₹1,999

    8. This portable bike peddler allows you to exercise from your bed or couch, thus helping you stay productive while you're in your safe space - ₹1,549

    9. This 10th Generation Amazon Kindle will let you catch up on all the reading you've been missing out on by giving you access to one of the biggest libraries in the world - ₹7,200

    10. These battery-operated fairy lights will create an ambience that'll make you never wanna leave your room - ₹219

    11. This powerful iBall multimedia speaker system for you to vibe to your jams the only way you should - ₹3,422

    12. This set of small ceramic vases will let you have a tiny plant friend right there with you to keep you from feeling too lonely - ₹479

    13. This removable blackboard wall decal is great for you to have your weekly schedule front and centre, or just for you to display your doodling skills - ₹299

    14. This alphabet lightbox that you can customise with any message depending on your mood for the day - ₹545

    15. This super cool table lamp with a built-in speaker that does two jobs in one - ₹899

    16. This Amazon Fire TV Stick that'll let you binge-watch movies and TV shows using just your voice - ₹3,999

    17. The Amazon Echo Dot that'll turn your home into a smart home really quick - ₹3,499