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    Flipkart Wants You To Decide What To Do With A Guy Who Tricked Them Into Running His Errands

    Vote for justice.

    Quora user Gaurav Singh answered a question, about the laziest things people had ever done, with an anecdote about how he once tricked Flipkart into running an errand for him.!n=261

    TL;DR – Singh needed to deposit money in his bank that he was too lazy to visit. So he ordered some shoes off Flipkart, paid them cash on delivery, and later filed to return the order. The refund was thus credited straight to his bank account.

    The answer went massively viral, getting over 28,200 upvotes and 300+ comments.!n=261

    In fact, it went so viral that Flipkart themselves heard about it and decided to run a poll asking followers to decide how to deal with this sneakiness.

    Heated debate in Flipkart. What should we do with the customer in this story #FlipkartPoll

    At the time of publishing, over 500 votes had been cast, with an overwhelming majority prompting Flipkart to reward Sharma's ingenuity with a gift voucher.

    Twitter: @Flipkart

    And rightly so.

    Choose wisely.


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