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Three “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” Scenes Were Censored And Twitter's Guesses About Them Are Hilarious

"Girl and boy talk before marriage."

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Speculation began almost immediately as to what the censored scenes could have been.

Husband and wife sleeping in the same room. #PRDPCensoredScenes

And let's just say that the hashtag #PRDPCensoredScenes went to some very hilarious places, very fast.

#PRDPCensoredScenes Salman & Sonam decided to go to honeymoon without their families


Heroine Coming out of bathroom open haired and without Dupatta. #PRDPCensoredScenes

Just saw Jalte DIye song from PRDP. Sonam hugged Salman while there was no Sindoor on her head. #PRDPCensoredScenes

When Salman Khan kisses Sonam Kapoor Two Agarbatties are appeared on the screen instead of two flowers. #PRDPCensoredScenes

Scene which shows Salman putting the Family Whatsapp group on mute. #PRDPCensoredScenes


#PRDPCensoredScenes Salman let's Sonam out of the Kitchen

They start playing antakshari without the usual 'leke prabhu ka naam' #PRDPcensoredscenes

Bhai stepping out of the house even after someone sneezes #PRDPCensoredScenes

While we may never find out what scenes the CBFC cut out, at least we know they can never edit the internet's sense of humour.

Salman Khan driving. #PRDPCensoredScenes

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