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    19 Practical Products Disguised As Fun Impulse Buys

    Fun *and* functional? The perfect pairing.

    1. This gorgeous LED flower pot that is also a bluetooth speaker, making it a must-have on your desk - ₹749

    2. This minimalist wallet not only looks cool, but will also get rid of pocket bulge problems forever for you - ₹624

    3. This mini air humidifier and purifier, so you can breathe in ~clean~ air around your house all day - ₹590

    4. This pair of "sleep headphones", that also act as a eyemask, can prove highly effective in making you fall asleep peacefully and on time - ₹1,399

    5. This body pillow if another item that can fix irregular sleep cycles if you're cuddly sleeper without a partner to cuddle up to - ₹699

    6. And this self-stirring mug does all the work for you before you have your morning cup of coffee - ₹399

    7. This sleek Hammer Groove waterproof portable speaker will let you carry your tunes around in your bedroom or your bathroom - ₹1,399

    8. This smart backpack looks great and has lots of space, but also contains a USB port for you to attach a power bank to and charge your phone through - ₹999

    9. This portable fabric and face steamer does multiple things to make you look good, freshening up your clothes *and* your skin - ₹999

    10. This moon night lamp comes with a remote and 16 different colour modes that you can adjust depending upon your mood for the night. A real scene stealer in any room - ₹1,399

    11. This nifty clothes folder that'll turn you into an expert laundry folder in literally 10 seconds - ₹999

    12. This mini desk vacuum, because you've started to eat lunch at your desk more and more and the crumbs are driving you nuts - ₹799

    13. This eco-friendly mosquito trap is odourless, chemical free, and also works as a night lamp. A must-have for any room - ₹349

    14. This thumb book holder will help you read for long stretches without you having to take constant breaks to flex your fingers - ₹129

    15. The Amazon Echo Dot will let you play music, tell you the weather, set alarms and reminders... all just through your voice - ₹3,499

    16. This Wi-Fi enabled LED smart bulb will save you the annoying task of getting out of bed to switch off your lights before bed - ₹699

    17. This handheld milk frother so you can enjoy a fancy latte, cappuccino, or lassi from the comfort of your home - ₹249

    18. The Amazon Kindle will let you catch up on all the reading you've been missing out on by giving you access to one of the biggest libraries in the world - ₹12,999

    19. And this Amazon Fire TV Stick that will totally change the way you watch TV - ₹3,999