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    If You're Travelling Abroad, This Is The One Item You Need To Pack Before Leaving

    The biggest problem Indians have with the First World is a problem no more.

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    There's a lot of things to miss when you go abroad – the people, the food, your own bed...


    But if you're Indian, there's one thing from home you'll probably miss more than anything else.


    It goes by many names – jet spray, bum spray, butt hose, ("bidet", if you're being a fancypants). But the one undeniable truth is that it makes the pooping experience soooo much more hygienic and satisfying*.

    *A fact that has been backed by research, and one of our white colleagues.

    It's the first thing you check in your hotel room. It's the one complaint every Indian who's ever flown to a first world country has. It's a basic human right denied by these so-called "progressive" and "modern" nations.

    Like come ON, rest of the world...

    Get your shit together.

    But, until they do that, there's a very handy (and surprisingly effective) solution for anyone who's being forced to leave the comforts of the jet spray behind.

    The portable travel bidet is convenient, easy to carry, and comes with super simple usage instructions.

    And, if you're packing to go abroad, this is one item you definitely need to make sure you have before any other.

    So just do your bum a favour and go for the portable travel bidet. You can get it on Amazon for ₹289.