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13 Public Announcements That Could Only Be Made In India

"Henceforth I will be known as Shunnya Cypher Zero." Nailed it.

1. This amazing name change announcement by a 72-year-old legend.

LilMissIssues / Via

Even The Matrix didn't have characters with names as cool as "Shunnya Cypher Zero".

2. This sly missing persons ad that isn't really about the missing person.

one_by_two / Via

3. This highly accurate one-line review for Skyfall in the best third picture in this post.

4. This announcement welcoming back a couple after a successful honeymoon.

BurgerrB / Via

5. Or this thrilling welcome back announcement.

6. Or this double-whammy, money-saving, congratulations + welcome combo announcement.

7. This PSA asking people not to joyride on train tops.

#onlyinindia will such an ad be issued in national dailies in public interest !

Sometimes, it's just best to let evolution do it's thing.

8. This Salman Khan-themed restaurant announcing a one-day shut down when he was found guilty in the hit-and-run case.

Our prayers go out for our Idol... May almighty God do the Justice now !!!

9. This birthday billboard that ends on a pretty sad note.

10. This PSA by a bike that reaaally didn't like the showroom it came from.

From an aggrieved #HarleyDavidson owner… #India #OnlyInIndia

11. This unfortunate advisory that just gave up.

12. This announcement for this guy who's friends with Barack Obama, apparently.

13. And whatever this is.

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