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People Can't Stop Talking About Katrina Kaif's Abs In The IPL Opening Ceremony

Everybody knows Katrina's a champion.

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The IPL opening ceremony just concluded, and it featured superstars like Ranveer Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Major Lazer, and Jacqueline Fernandez...

But one star stole everyone's attention...


Specifically: her abs.

The highlight of #iplopeningceremony was Katrina Kaif's abs.

Twitter indicates nobody could look away.

DJ Bravo's #ChampionDance & Katrina Kaif's Abs. This #IPLOpeningCeremony Will Only Be Remembered For That. ;) #IPL

Including the people onstage.

Even DJ Bravo can't stop looking at her abs😍😍😍😍 #iplopeningceremony

And the cameramen...

And she even got a shout-out from Ranveer.



Twitter, of course, totally lost it.

Thanks camera person for zooming into katrina kaif's abs.

So indirectly spectators spent 10,000 rs to see Katrina's abs and dj bravo's #Champion

"Champion" got a quick rewrite.

Let' sing it!! Katrina's Abs Katrina's Abs Katrina's Abs Katrina's Abs Katrina's Abs Katrina's Abs

And, generally, a consensus was drawn:

Some people started having vision problems...

This is how i saw her performance in #iplopeningceremony #KatrinaKaifOnIPL

And some even tried finding explanations...

A breakup does wonderful things to your Abs...look at Katrina

While others continued to give zero fucks.

Heartiest congratulations to Katrina Kaif for winning the Indian Premier League.


Keep on killin' it.

Katrina Kaif poses with "Champion" Dwayne Bravo!