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    Posted on 29 Aug 2016

    People Are Boycotting Flipkart For Its Racist Portrayal Of The Gorkha Community In A New Ad

    The ad features a child wearing a traditional Nepali cap, portraying a watchman named Bahadur.

    On August 21, Flipkart released a new ad titled "Sahebji’s Jogging Shoes" that has since come under a lot of fire from the Gorkha community.

    Flipkart / Via

    The ad features a child actor wearing a Bhadgauley Topi (a traditional Nepalese hat), portraying a security guard named Bahadur.

    Flipkart / Via

    The Indian media has always faced criticism for resorting to racist stereotypes while portraying the Nepalese community, most often depicting them as watchmen or security guards.

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    Flipkart's ad has, unsurprisingly, also received severe backlash online, with commenters making their anger very clear.

    The video has barely been liked 10 times, while being disliked almost 240 times.

    Many users have announced that they will be boycotting Flipkart.

    People have also written angry blogposts calling out Flipkart.

    Members of the Gorkha community have now taken Flipkart and its founders, Sachin and Binny Bansal, to court and asked for the ad to be taken off air.

    Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images

    According to an Business Standard report, the petition accuses the company and co-founders under Section 154 (A) and (B) for criminally conspiring with each other for defamation and hurting the religious sentiment of the Nepali/Gorkhali community.

    Come on, Indian media.

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