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    Our Prime Minister Just Admitted That Even He's Too Scared To Make Jokes In Public Now

    "These days humour can be a risky thing."

    It wouldn't be a stretch to say that India's sense of humour has been on a downward spiral in recent times, with a lot of people running into trouble just for telling jokes.

    ANI News

    Well, Arnab Goswami just managed to get none other than Narendra Modi to talk about it in a highly publicised interview on Times Now.

    Times Now

    Goswami brought up Modi’s recent speech in the U.S. Congress, which many lauded for its jokes.

    Times Now

    If you're an Indian citizen concerned about your freedom of expression, the PM's response was far from encouraging.

    He added that he's nervous about using proverbs, knowing that even those can be taken out of context.

    That's right. The most powerful man in the country admitted that he too is afraid to make jokes in public for fear of overreaction.

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