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    It's Official, Players Are Now Literally Tweeting At Virat Kohli To Stop Making Them Look Bad

    Bow down, mortals.

    In case you missed the latest edition of "Is Virat Kohli Even Human?!", the stud just hit a century in a 15-over game... with SEVEN stitches on his left hand.

    Dibyangshu Sarkar / AFP/Getty Images
    Dibyangshu Sarkar / AFP / Getty Images

    Yep. During the game against the Kings XI Punjab on May 18, he scored 113 runs off just 50 deliveries with a literal broken hand.

    His insane run of form has reached the point where fellow cricketers are now pretty much just begging him to stop making them look bad.

    Dear Virat Kohli, Can you please stop making batting look so easy, it's embarrassing for most other batters in the world. Thanks 😂😂😂

    The tweet came from Australian batsman Aaron Finch the morning after Kohli's epic one-handed innings.

    Others are rightly feeling bad for the real victims of Kohli's bat.

    This guy @imVkohli is abusing that form he in. the kookaburra can't take any more punishment...#RCBvsKXIP #VivoIPL

    While, for some, his genius is *almost* getting boring now.

    Can't @imVkohli, just for variety, pretend to be uncertain sometimes......

    But don't listen to them, Virat. You keep doing you.

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