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Chetan Bhagat Got Waxed To "Figure Out Girls" For His New Book And Women Are Shutting That Shit Down

"Some things are above parody."

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India's best-selling author, Chetan Bhagat, will soon release his latest book, One Indian Girl, which has him writing from the perspective of a female protagonist.

Bhagat has started promoting the book with a series of videos in which he explains the challenges he faced while writing from a female P.O.V.

In his latest video, Bhagat talks about one of the "unusual things" he did to get into the female psyche – getting waxed.

Women haven't been able to stop rolling their eyes at Bhagat's video, and have been sharing it with captions dripped in sarcasm.

A lot of women have also called out the superficiality of Bhagat's stunt, and pointed out the real challenges women face daily.

It's not just women, though. Even men haven't been able to take Bhagat seriously.

India's readers to Bhagat right now: