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    Olacabs Had To Address A Grievance About A Farting Driver, In Case You Thought You Had It Bad

    Just another day on Twitter.

    Handling a brand account on Twitter is hard work, with managers having to deal with complaints, trolls, and just general spam all day.

    In a hilariously bizarre exchange, Ola Cabs was made to address a grievance about a farting driver from Faking News founder Rahul Roushan.

    I think my Ola driver farted, but he blames "kachare ka baas". This is why Swachh Bharat is important. No place for such excuses.

    To their credit, even though the tweet may have been in jest, Ola still responded to it in a pretty professional manner...

    @rahulroushan Not acceptable. We'll ensure he's given a regular supply of imodium to address the flatulence problem.

    Even if people did point out that their solution might not prove to be 100% helpful.

    @Olacabs @rahulroushan Imodium is used to stop diarrhoea, not flatulence..try charcoal tabs

    Farts aren't what social media exists for, guys...


    Then again, maybe it is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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