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17 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For Anyone Who's Gone To School In India

"12 Years A Slave is about a guy going to school."

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Things school should teach: Sustainable living Self-awareness Design Financial plannin What they teach: How to find area of fckin trapezium


Highlights of my school life: 5th grade: moved from pencils to pens 7th grade: moved from shorts to pants 11th grade: moved from 85% to 42%


Hate the system. You give us summer vacations in school when we don't need it & now no summer break at work when we actually need it.


I don't understand school uniforms. They make kids wear a formal shirt, a tie and then there are shorts. Fuckall combo of formals & casuals.


I have spent my entire school life traveling in School buses, where if the seating capacity was x, the number of students in the bus were 2x


Birth control pills and condoms are 2nd and 3rd most effective methods of controlling population... School Fees continues to be No. 1 ...


You know you're Indian if Parent-Teacher meetings in school, were followed by Student-Parent beatings at home.


People in this country really underestimate the amount of money you can make just by paying attention to English grammar class in school


Watching "13 reasons why" & realising school kids have so many problems. When I was there, the only issue I had was Uniball lu ya Pilot pen.


12 Years a Slave is about a guy going to school.


Always go "abhi jitna hasna hai hasle aage sirf rona hi likha hai" in my mind everytime I see a school bus with kids laughing and enjoying


You sing praises to God in school assembly and then go on to study science in classes after that.


Me: Sorry, Mom, actually a truck ran over me on my way back from school, so I am at the hospital. Mom: Exam tha na tera? Kaisa hua?


Instead of all the nonsense we learned at school they should have taught us how to remember 25000 passwords at the same time.


Name Place Animal Things taught me more about animals and geography than school ever did.


Pic 1: School uniform everyday Pic 2: Colour clothes on birthday


[now] "Tu gandu" "Chup kar bhosdike" [back in school] "Stupid idiot" "Jo bolta hai woh khud hi hota hai"