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    27 Hilarious M.S. Dhoni Quotes That Prove He's The Coolest Captain Of All Time

    Never change, M.S.

    1. At the end of a four-month tour of Australia.

    William West / Getty Images

    2. On being asked if India was prepared for the World Cup semi-finals.

    Munir Uz Zaman / Getty Images

    3. On being asked about who his successor should be, back in 2012.

    William West / Getty Images

    4. On being asked if he would play four pacers during an overseas tour.

    Munir Uz Zaman / Getty Images

    5. On another occasion when he was asked about playing four pacers.

    Noah Seelam / Getty Images

    6. On the fight between the Indian and South African cricket boards before a tour.

    Chris Hyde / Getty Images

    7. On the media's interest in his love life.

    Tony Marshall / Getty Images

    8. On being asked if the hangover from a fight between Jadeja and Anderson would persist through the tour.

    Chris Hyde / Getty Images

    9. On captaining Sreesanth.

    Stu Forster / Getty Images

    10. On his lack of fast bowling options and an ODI rule change allowing two bouncers in an over.

    Munir Uz Zaman / Getty Images

    11. On the Duckworth-Lewis method.

    Gareth Copley / Getty Images

    12. On being asked about his side's batting problems during a tour.

    Greg Wood / Getty Images

    13. On whether a whitewash in Australia would hurt more than the one in England.

    Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

    14. On the umpiring during a game.

    Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

    15. On how his team would deal with Sri Lanka's spinners.

    Matthew Lewis / Getty Images

    16. On how he deals with unwanted people.

    Jan Kruger / Getty Images

    17. On being asked about Rohit Sharma's batting problems.

    Saeed Khan / Getty Images

    18. On being asked about Chris Gayle's 30-ball century in the IPL.

    Munir Uz Zaman / Getty Images

    19. On Sreesanth, again.

    Ian Kington / Getty Images

    20. After a heavy defeat.

    William West / Getty Images

    21. On being asked about Sachin's retirement plans in 2011.

    Saeed Khan / Getty Images

    22. On travelling in the West Indies.

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    23. On the new-look and young Indian squad in the dressing room.

    Paul Kane / Getty Images

    24. On his helplessness to do anything about India's failing lower order batting.

    William West / Getty Images

    25. On the effect of Sourav Ganguly's exclusion from the side.

    Prakash Singh / Getty Images

    26. On CSK's repeated bowling failures during a particularly sarcastic post-match interview.

    Gareth Copley / Getty Images

    27. On being asked about his next goal, after scaling all possible peaks as a captain.

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

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