This Ad For A “Unisex Washing Machine” Has Led To Some Hilarious Reactions

    "Finally, a victory for male equality everywhere!"

    Lloyd Home Appliances placed this ad, for what it calls "India's First Unisex Washing Machines", in the July 11 edition of the Bangalore Times.

    Their new campaign revolves around the fact that their machines are so simple to use that "even men can do the washing, easily".

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    But not everyone seems to be on board with it.

    In case you were holding your breath for it, India's first unisex washing machine is here. Filed under #BeyondWTF

    India's first Unisex washing machine!!! Wait, what!?

    The ad has led to some hilariously sarcastic reactions.

    Finally, a victory for male equality everywhere!

    Finally I can use that electric motor housed in metal that worked only with 2 X chromosomes. A win for Men's rights

    Can someone pls break the news to my husband that all these years he's been using a washing machine meant for women?

    Some were amused by the ad's inherent implications.

    Ah well,they really NEEDED to simplify the washing machine functions because, admit it, men are dumber. Yes? @jestme

    Pls see the TV commercial, apparently women understand how buttons works, men need it to be simpler (read dumber)

    So that means we men cannot operate other washing machines? Lloyd, I take offence!

    While others were just confused.

    I didn't know washing machines were gender specific until now 😨

    What is a unisex washing machine? My washing machine doesn't ask my gender every time I use it. #bakwaasadvertising

    Okay, now we need to tell men that the machine is UNISEX to make them wash clothes!! Didn't know that!!

    But for all the progress the ad seems to want to hint at...

    From the 50s advertising slogans of "so simple that even women can use it", to this. #feminism #win :-/

    Things haven't changed all that much in the industry.

    @jestme @chennaikaran not to worry. Unisex machines still need detergent that's 'as good as mom's hand wash?!?'