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10 Fucking Creepy Horror Stories From India That'll Keep You Up All Night

Are you a believer?

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Reddit's NoSleep is a forum for users to submit horror stories that may or may not be based on real life incidents. Over the years, a number of Indian tales have made an appearance in the subreddit.

Here are 10 of the freakiest stories to have been submitted there:

1. The Arranged Marriage

Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images

After some promising Skype sessions, a woman agrees to marry a man she hasn't met in real life yet. It is only on the day of her wedding that the bride realises that her in-laws have been hiding a huge secret about her husband-to-be.

2. The Stalker

Shelladave / Getty Images

After a journalist encounters a strange woman on his way back from work one night, strange things start happening around his home. Over the next week, he slowly realises that he might not be the only person entering his apartment every day.


4. A Walk During The New Moon

Patrick Pleul / AFP / Getty Images

A writer moves to his grandfather's empty mansion in a rural North Indian village in search of seclusion to work in peace. After a power cut late at night, he decides to go on a walk through the countryside. Bad idea.

5. The Boy In The Village

Scaliger / Getty Images

A dying grandmother in Konkan Maharashtra narrates a childhood incident where a boy, said to be possessed by a spirit, told her that he would visit her when she turns 70. On her 70th birthday, she sees him again... Only, he hasn't aged a day.

6. The Doctor's Visit

Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 58764953@N05

A doctor in a small town gets a panicked visitor late at night, asking him to come check on his ailing wife. As the doctor follows the man through unlit roads, he realises that there's something very, very wrong.


7. The Face In The Clouds

Rakesh Bakshi / AFP / Getty Images

A scientist flies in to Himachal Pradesh to check on a "meteorological anomaly" that wasn't being picked up by their satellites. As he interacts with the locals, he realises the phenomenon is much stranger than he first imagined.

10. A Tale From Bengal

Orlando Sierra / AFP / Getty Images

A call centre employee starts chatting with a co-worker about why he believes in the occult. The story he tells, about a banyan tree and a strange ritual in his village, turns out to be beyond any rational explanation.