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    Posted on 20 Oct 2017

    18 Of The Most Hilarious Desi Text Conversations Of All Time

    This isn't what WhatsApp was invented for.

    1. This hep conversation.

    2. This pissed off mother's rant.

    3. This threat.

    4. This self-attested savagery.

    5. This amazing prank.

    6. This unimpressed acknowledgment.

    7. And also this one.

    8. The matter-of-fact order.

    9. This subtle request.

    10. This reality check.

    11. This daughter's frustration with her curious mom.

    12. This impossible offer.

    13. This dynamic.

    14. This comparison.

    15. This roast.

    16. This laziness.

    17. This warning.

    18. And this classic overreaction.

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