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    14 Jokes Twitter Has Already Made About Neil Nitin Mukesh Getting Engaged

    Spoiler alert: There are a lot of gags about his name... again.

    Perennial meme Neil Nitin Mukesh just announced his engagement to Mumbai-based Rukmini Sahay at a private ceremony yesterday.

    Twitter: IANS

    While everyone is happy for the couple, a lot of Twitter users have also found the time to sneak in a few laughs at their expense (mostly just Mukesh):


    Neil Nitin Mukesh got engaged. He liked a girl, so he bought a diamond ring, and Kneel Nitin Mukesh. (thanks guys, this is my magnum opus)


    Neil Nitin Mukesh didn't get engaged to Sarah Jessica Parker is the reason why I have trust issues.



    Neil Nitin Mukesh's fiancee is just two names short of being Draupadi.


    After getting married, Neil Nitin Mukesh will go to Papua New Guinea for Honeymoon.


    Rukmini Sahay is marrying Neil Nitin Mukesh. Surely her favourite game is Teen Pati


    Rukmini Sahay marrying Neil Nitin Mukesh is the closest any Indian girl can get to a foursome.


    After getting married to Rukmini Sahay, Neil Nitin Mukesh will finally be able to play Ludo and Carrom with all 4 sides occupied.


    Neil Nitin Mukesh ki shaadi mai Agnee ke 21 faire honge.


    If Neil Nitin Mukesh's kids are triplets, he will have 9 kids.


    'Neil Nitin Mukesh got engaged.' Panchali: Bitch please!


    Best thing about being Neil Nitin Mukesh's wife is that there's no surname for you to adopt.


    "Shaadi 2 aatmaon ka milan hai." Neil Nitin Mukesh: Bitch Please!


    This is the horrifying sex ratio in India Where Neil Nitin Mukesh got engaged to one girl.

    Sorry, Neil. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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