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Kangana Ranaut's Many, Many Interviews About Hrithik Roshan Have Finally Hit Meme Status

Guess everyone Ranaut of fucks to give.

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In case you missed it – and good for you if you have – Kangana Ranaut has been on a spree of tell-all interviews over the past couple of weeks, spilling the beans on her alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan.

No judgement if you're into that drama, but a lot of people are just plain bored now. And what does the internet do when it's bored? That's right – it starts making memes.


Twitter has particularly latched on to her interview on Aap Ki Adalat last week, and gone ham captioning screengrabs from it. You might not enjoy the gossip, but you'll still enjoy the shit out of these:


Friend, vacationing in Prague: "Dude what's up, where are you these days" Me, sitting at my work desk:


me when my friend says chal lower parel se malad uber me jaate hai


me when my friend asks "Goa chalega kya?"


Me, looking at everyone sitting in office post 6 pm



When friends buy tickets to the chainsmokers concert



Me when colleague calls coffee from starbucks


CBI to lalu yadav and tejaswi yadav


When someone orders a bisleri bottle in the restaurant.


My mother when I tell her dad bought dinner so don't cook tonight


My mother when I come home by UberBlack


Me : Aaj chhoti Gold Flake ki jagah badi Gold flake piyenge Friend :

In case you actually do wanna know what's happening with Hringana, here's everything that been revealed about their "alleged" affair, "alleged" breakup, and "alleged" criminal behaviour.