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    Posted on 27 Oct 2016

    Priya Malik Has Been Shutting Down Dick Pic-Senders On Twitter With Hilariously Savage Comebacks

    "If they have the right to send me an unsolicited dick pic, I have the right to expose them."

    Former Big Brother Australia and Bigg Boss contestant Priya Malik has a lot of fans on social media, with tens of thousands of people following her across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Unfortunately, with tons of followers come an equal amount of pervs. And Malik has been dealing with those for years.

    How she deals with them, though, is what makes following her a true joy. Malik has no qualms about publicly shaming anyone trying to bring her down...

    "When you name and shame an abuser who invaded your personal space, you're taking the power back from them. When was the last time being a quiet victim helped?" Malik told BuzzFeed.

    "This one guy literally asked me to not post it after calling me a bitch. It's insane how they expect their privacy to remain intact, in spite of invading mine," she added.

    Twitter: PriyaSometimes

    "Those who think that me posting about it will encourage it more don't realise that these people don't need encouragement. They'll do it regardless."

    Twitter: @PriyaSometimes

    "When I was quietly seeing them and reporting/deleting them, it wasn't helping. I was letting them succeed in causing me a sense of discomfort."

    Malik's strategy of sassing and exposing pervs has gained a lot of support, and legit results, with people reporting the abusive accounts and getting them deactivated instantly.

    It's not just dick pic-senders, though. Malik doesn't spare body-shamers either.

    And for those questioning the ethics of posting their penises on a public platform, Malik has only one thing to say – "If they have the right to send me a dick pic, I have the right to expose them."

    You can follow Malik on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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