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    Shashi Tharoor Was Asked Where India Would Be Without The British, And It Brought Out All His Sass

    This guy was born to star in a Namastey London sequel.

    When it comes to Indian orators putting Britain back in its place, Shashi Tharoor is the undisputed leader of the pack.

    Earlier this week, he appeared on ABC TV's Q&A for a panel discussion on politics and the world at large.

    Towards the end of the show, an Indian-Australian audience member asked Tharoor if he thought there were any positive aspects of the British colonising India, citing a few examples.

    Well, Tharoor didn't need a second invitation to set the record straight, and dove right into ripping apart any "facts" about the good the British did.

    From the poverty they perpetrated, to the free-falling economic growth rate, Tharoor went in all guns blazing, statistics and all.

    And in a 90-second monologue, he once again proved why he is the most savage authority on British colonialism in India.

    You can watch the entire discussion here (or just skip to shit getting shut down at 44:45):

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