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While The BMC Fails Again, Mumbaikars Are Using Social Media To Keep Their City Safe

100+ mm of rains since yesterday has seen the BMC drop the ball (once more), and citizens coming together to help those in need themselves.

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Over the past 24 hours, Mumbai has been experiencing what some authorities are calling its worst downpour since the infamous floods of July 26, 2005.

Some parts have received over 150 mm of rain since yesterday.
Twitter: @_nirajshah

Some parts have received over 150 mm of rain since yesterday.

Almost the entire city has been brought to a halt because of the water-logging.

Floodgates open #mumbai gets ready for #MumbaiRains

Since this is now an inevitable annual event, the BMC has rightly been facing a lot of flak over its mismanagement and inability to prepare for these situations.

#Mumbai, tulla #BMC var barosa Nahi kai? @mymalishka

It should be noted that the last thing of note that the BMC did was to send legal notices to an RJ who questioned why they were so useless.

However, the rains have also brought out the best out of Mumbai's netizens.

If this shit gets worse and anyone's stranded in Andheri East, hit me up. We can accomodate a couple of people till things settle down.

1. Residents have been offering their homes to shelter people who have been left stranded in the downpour.

I can host 8-9 people fairly comfortably. If you are stuck, need a place to crash and came make it to Santacruz West - DM me for details.

If anyone is stuck in or around Malad West, they can come over to my place. DMs open #rainhosts #mumbairains

Guys if anyone is stuck between Goregaon to Borivali, please feel free to come over & crash #mumbairains I have 2 cats & books!

2. Even restaurants, offices, and work spaces have offered to help out people stuck with nowhere to go.

Stay safe Bombay folks. If you are stuck in Mulund-Thane region you can crash in at our office in Mulund. We have coffee, beer, and food.

Stuck in the #MumbaiRains? If you're close to Andheri/Lower Parel/Turbhe, we’ve got shelter, WiFi & hot coffee & it’s on the house today!

#PSA if you are stuck in and around #Bandra #Andheri #KalaGhoda & need a place to crash, do come over #MumbaiRains

You can check out an entire crowdsourced spreadsheet of people offering shelters in Mumbai here.

3. Others have been tweeting live traffic updates from different parts of the city to help people plan their routes ahead of time.

Those stranded near dadar, matunga, sion, parel can move towards #GSB at #RamMandir wadala, #Food&Water has been made available @RidlrMUM

4. And some have been tweeting pictures to inform everyone else of just how bad things are in their area.

5. Accounts like Ridlr have also constantly been tweeting out information on which roads and stations to avoid.

6. Meanwhile, the Mumbai Police handle has been doing its best to help citizens deal with the situation calmly by posting tips and helpline numbers to call in emergencies.

And their hard work has been appreciated by everyone.

Mumbai Police at work knee-deep. #MumbaiRains

7. Of course, with this being the entertainment capital of India, some Mumbaikars have just turned to jokes to deal with the helplessness of their situation.

Deleted all the games from my phone. The real game during the #MumbaiRains is getting an Ola or Uber.

So much traffic in Mumbai cos of Metro construction so Gods decided if you can't make the visarjan, I'll bring visarjan to you. #MumbaiRains

And while "the spirit of Mumbai" is a phrase that is now frowned upon as something which, once invoked, lets authorities off the hook every year...

Spirit of Mumbai, peddled by the media for ages now, had done more damage than good.

Dear romantics, people wading through water doesn't show the spirit of Mumbai.It shows a woefully underprepared city when it comes to rains.

This year has seen Mumbaikars display their spirit and humanity with a healthy dose of BMC-bashing to boot.

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This video is now more relevant than ever.

In case you're in Mumbai, here are some tips on how you can stay safe over the next few days.

Sahil Rizwan is a social news reporter for BuzzFeed and is based in Mumbai.

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