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    Indian Men Are The Frontrunners In This U.K. Tabloid's Vulgar Cleavage Photo Contest

    Well played, Indian internet.

    British tabloid The Sun just announced a bizarre contest on Twitter asking users to send in their "breast cleavage snaps" for a chance to win £1,000.

    A lot of people responded by sending in photos that mocked the paper hard.

    But the most amount of trolling, by far, came from an unexpected source – Indian men.

    The contest went viral on Indian Twitter a few hours after being announced, and The Sun was soon bombarded with photos of topless politicians...

    Topless yoga gurus...

    Topless yesteryear Bollywood superstars...

    @Being_Humor @TheSun This is on behalf of @Being_Humor , we want him to win.

    And more topless politicians.

    @iAnkurSingh @TheSun huge competition

    Let's be honest. None of these Indians might actually win this contest, but they've definitely won the internet for the day.

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