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12 Times Smriti Irani Was The Minister Of Sass

"I am not a political Cinderella who is waiting to be rescued."

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4. After the telecast, which was dubbed #SlaughteringSardesai on Twitter, the senior journalist couldn't help tweeting about it.

Some politicians bat like Chris Gayle; some are like Sunil Gavaskar. Guess who history will remember?

Which prompted this response.


5. Then there was the time she responded to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's comments about her.

From Nautanki to Arm Chaired Politician, seems Mrs Vadra has a problem defining me. Whatever I am have never lived off my family name.


6. Or this other time the same thing happened.

@timesnow @thenewshour not surprised. If u don't remember scams done by a family member y wud u remember my name:)

While she was out dealing with the issue, she became the butt of Twitter's jokes. Following which came this smackdown.

For all those who thought its better to deal with a typing error than use this medium to get help. My apologies. Next time I'll spell check.


8. You definitely don't wanna get your facts wrong around her.

@IndiaToday kindly check credentials of reporters before hiring them. This 1 in particular seems to have the habit of manufacturing news.


9. Like, really not.

@TOILucknow @timesofindia kindly check in with ABP News, ANI n Zee. A reporter from Aaj paper caught the cash and handed it over to police.

10. Not kidding.

11. Just ask this journalist whose opinion she didn't think much of.

@abhisar_sharma let me know where can I get a personal certified copy of ur clean chit to the concerned gentleman

12. But when it comes down to it, work still comes first for her.

@GappistanRadio nai ji Aaj bhi kaam hai. Thanks for ur wishes.