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24 Tweets That Are WAY Too Real For Any Indian Who's Grown Up Middle Class

"An Indian aunty's G-spot lies in free dhaniya mirch."

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An Indian aunty's G-spot lies in free dhaniya mirch.


A nail cutter is an object you'll find lying around everywhere all the time until you actually need to use it.


Flight fare rules: Refundable Airlines cancellation fee: 2500 Website fee: 500 Why did you do this fee: 200 Refund money: 2 eclairs


An Indian wedding reception must be the happiest day of vanilla ice cream's life.


If we have to select one thing that we Indians make the best in the world, it has to be the glue for stickers on steel vessels.


Driving on the wrong side of the road is how most Indians live their American dream.


*Interval at theatre * Rich people: *Order popcorn, pepsi, burger* Me: *Goes to toilet, comes back & watches ads like never seen before*


Age 15: "I'll be the next Bill Gates" Age 20: "I'll meet Bill Gates one day" Age: 25: "I'll order chole bhature for lunch today"


15 yrs ago Me: paise do na dance class join karunga Baap: chal be padhaai kar Now Him: Wo dance show pe tere jitne bachche kya naachte hai


I am so middle class that when someone talks about Apple first thing comes to my mind is "150 rs Kilo ho gaye hai yaar "


Audi: We have 12 air bags, safety controls, safety sensors, safety parking assist, safet.. Maruti 800: We have Durga Maa on dashboard.


*Returns from World Tour* Mom - Ghar se jo paani ki bottle di thi, wo kahan chhod aaya?


In India, ATM is at the feet of our elders.


Me:*cleans house*replaces bedsheets*rolls round rotis*paints grandma's toenails* Ma: Hum tumhare jitne the tab hum roller coaster banate the


Life cycle of clothes in India : Party wear Casual wear Gym wear Night wear Holi wear Dusting cloth Pochha R. I. P


I'm just a girl, standing in front of guy asking him to move aside so she can have better access to the naan in the lunch buffet.


My new maid switches the fan back on after she's done sweeping the room. I think I am in love.


How People Know Winters Have Come Rich: The dogs' cold Poor: The fog on the footpath Middle Class: Parachute Oil ain't liquid anymore.


Waiting for more exotic Paper Boat flavors: Maggi ka bacha hua pani Kal raat ka raita Pehli biwi ke haath ki chai Drinks and memoriesā„¢ :')


Dear Customer, Your Ac XXXXXXXXXXXX is credited with INR HAHAHAHA on 31 May - SALARY FOR MAY. Your Net Available Bal is INR HAHAHAHA.


A Burrito is basically rajma chawal with salad wrapped inside a rumali roti. It's so Punjabi that you might as well call it a BBRRRRITO.


Difference between 20rs haircut and 200rs haircut: The latter understands that your neck is not an immovable object awaiting infinite force


Apart from Urdu, a five star menu is probably the only time anyone reads from right to left.


The most cruel joke humans have played on their fellow man is making you write the word "only" at the end of an amount on a cheque