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    The Mexican Ambassador Rides Her Personal Auto Around Delhi To Set An Example For India's Elite


    This is Melba Pria, the Mexican ambassador in India who currently resides in New Delhi.

    And this is Pria's ride in the city – a pimped-out auto rickshaw that turns heads everywhere it goes.

    Embassy of Mexico to India

    The rickshaw was redesigned by Mexican street artist Senkoe, as a fun way to promote the country in India.

    But there's another reason for Pria's eccentric choice of commute.

    Even though the Parliament building and some 5-star hotels have refused the vehicle entry, Pria continues to use it for its eco-friendliness over other official means of transport.

    Facebook: 101India

    Pria's ride runs on CNG like all other auto rickshaws in the city.

    And pretty much everyone is on board with this awesomeness.

    Keep ballin, Melba.