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A Nine-Year-Old Girl Donated ₹1 Lakh To Narendra Modi And Asked Him To Make India Safer For Girls

The girl's father Raj Sabnani told BuzzFeed India that she was over the moon about meeting her hero.

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Melody Sabnani is a nine-year-old Indian citizen from Hong Kong and one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's biggest fans.

Melody Sabnani

A few months ago, she heard about the PM's "Clean Ganga" initiative and wrote him a letter hoping to meet and hand over a contribution to the cause.

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Melody soon got a reply from PM Modi through the Consulate General of India in Hong Kong, inviting her to meet him during his upcoming trip to China.

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Her wish came true just a few days ago in Shanghai, where she hung out with the prime minister in person.

Melody Sabnani

She said that she handed him a cheque for ₹1 lakh towards the Ganga project, which she contributed from her own savings.

Melody Sabnani

In an email to BuzzFeed India, her father Raj Sabnani told us that she also handed PM Modi a list of suggestions to implement.

1. Please make girls education completely free.
2. Please make more safety for ladies.
3. Please make India a very strong country.
4. Please make India modern like Hong Kong.
5. Please make India a full WiFi country.

He said that Melody was over the moon about meeting her hero.

Melody Sabnani

There it is, guys. Cutest thing you'll see today.