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    14 Extreme Reactions To The New McDonald's "Masala Dosa Burger"

    "This is worse than demonetisation."

    In an effort to localise and adapt, McDonald's just announced that it will be launching a new masala dosa burger in India soon.

    - / AFP / Getty Images

    The above photo is from 2001 and features an activist smearing cow dung on Ronald McDonald for unrelated reasons, but it sums up everyone's feelings right now.

    The "Masala Dosa Brioche" will have a grilled veg patty topped with molaga podi sauce.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    For the uninitiated, "molaga podi" is chilli powder, an essential part of the South Indian diet. The new breakfast menu will also feature anda bhurji (scrambled eggs).

    The announcement has not gone according to plan for the world's largest fast food chain. And that's putting it mildly:



    Masala dosa burger ? This is more worse than #DeMonetisation


    Masala dosa burger. What travesty is that.


    Oh, great. Another reason to not visit those garbage recycling centres some people like to call McDonald's outlets.


    masala dosa burger is basically just vada pav




    Masala Dosa burger means the product guys at McDonalds have officially run out of ideas

    Some foodies have brought up a very fundamental argument against the dish:


    I'ma leap into this Masala Dosa burger debate with a fundamental problem. Masala Dosa SUCKS. Sada Dosa & Mysore is where the party's at.


    Always found masala dosa to be utter crap anyway. Mysore masala is the real deal.

    Of course, even this questionable idea has found some takers:


    Double standards of society: Jisse marzi date krenge but masala dosa burger acceptable nahi. Don't dictate lives of food, they've feelings 2


    But if McDonald's was hoping for unanimous approval, it's fair to say that it's not happening anytime soon:



    Masala dosa burger sounds like the food version of how you feel when you realize 2007 was a decade ago...

    The travesty that is the masala dosa burger will launch in Mumbai this weekend, and the rest of India soon after.

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