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Delhi University Cut-Offs Touched Fucking 99.25%, Because India Is Evidently Full Of Geniuses

Worse still, literally no one is surprised.

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It's that disappointing time of year again, when students from around the country flock to Delhi University to realise that even Srinivasa Ramanujan would struggle to beat its cut-offs.

However, in what is supposedly a respite from last year, no college has announced a cut-off of 100% this time. Instead, the highest is capped at, wait for it... 99.25%.

Of course, no one is surprised by these supremely unrealistic numbers, because that's just how things have been the past few years.

When your dream was Delhi University but you only scored 99%

And Twitter, of course, came out in full force today to mock this sad state of affairs.

Pic 1: After the board results Pic 2: After the #DelhiUniversity cut off list


Students burning their 12th mark sheet after seeing the #DelhiUniversity cut off list.

Pic 1: Mom after CBSE result. Pic 2: Mom after #DelhiUniversity cut off .

My father reaction after seeing DU's first cutoffs. #DelhiUniversity

One college principal had some reassuring words to offer, saying that the cut-offs would drop to at least 98.25% when the second list comes out.

Highest BCom(H) cuttoff @99.25 at Ramjas. Principal tells NDTV:"Students should not panic, the 2nd cut off list will see at least a 1% drop"

Because that number is totally achievable, right?